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Wier is a charming terp village with about 210 inhabitants and it is situated in the municipality of Menameradiel in the north west of Friesland. Wier has a lively social life, a playground, a kaatspitch and good public transport facilities, so Wier is an excellent place to live and work. For tourists as well, it is definitely worth to visit this village.


 There is a cultural-historical cycling path in this ara. By bike you can enjoy our beautiful Frisian landscape. Along a shell path the Lautastate will be shown to you.

Astronomisch uurwerk.jpg


You can visit the church which was renovated in 2012.

Unique is the astronomical clock on the church, this clock was made by a person who was hiding from the German soldiers in the second World War and offered to the inhabitants of Wier after the war.


de Brinkhoeve.jpg

In the centre of the village, next to the kaatspitch, children can play their hearts out in the playground, “It Kattenest”. You can relax later on and order a nice cup of coffee/ tea and a delicious pie on the terrace of the tearoom, “de Brinkhoeve”. Here you can also find a small campsite so you can stay the night as well.


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All year through activities, such as handicraft workshops, courses, lectures and parties for young and old are organised in the community centre, “d' âld Skoalle”.

In the church, “Ioannis Theatertsjerke”, you can often find exhibitions, concerts and plays. At the kaatspitch the typical Frisian sport, “kaatsen”, is played throughout the summer. You are more than welcome to come and have a look!


Due to the building of the lock Wier has been connected to the 11-cities course since 2013. Here you can watch an interesting film about the building of the lock.


A nice detail is that traditionally the nickname of the inhabitants of Wier is “Wierster Cats”. Nobody knows the origin of this name. Perhaps it is because the inhabitants of a next-door village are called, “Berlikumer Dogs”.

You can find more information about all the organisations and companies in Wier on the website. For more information about the activities in the surroundings of Wier we would like to refer you to the website of Friesland WonderlandANWB shops and Tourist information offices.


For more photos and information about recent activities, you can visit the Dutch version of this website.







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