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Weapon and flag of Wier

In 1192 Schelte Lauta founded Lauta State in Wier. He was an elder and a member of the jurisdiction. He was a Roman Catholic and built the church and the presbytery for the priest.
Opposite to the pulpit were coverd benches for the gentlemen of Lauta State. By the common poeple disrespectfully called the "Mussenflapper".

In 1256 the family Lauta, among others, were responsible for the foundation of the monastery Anjum. The family donated large pieces of lands to the monastery because they thought the masses which were held for them, would help them in the hereafter. Peace for the soul in every eternity.

Another Schelte Lauta joined the crusades in 1416. This was the first time a weapon of this Lauta family was shown in public. The banner bearer walked with the banner with the weapon of the Lauta family on it, so everyone knew what his own banner / weapon was, and where to go, and who to follow.

The Fryske Ried for Heraldyk discovered the beautiful weapon of the Lauta family. It is a large blue field with a large yellow lion.
The blue field represents the sky or the sea. The large lion, king of the animals, symbolizes the lion of Jericho, which is Jesus. That matched perfectly with the crusades.

The Fryske Ried for Heraldyk asked the inhabitants of Wier if they were interested in its own village flag and weapon and told them that they designed flags as well. When it turned out that the design would be for free, the village of Wier lost no time in getting there and a special village weapon was designed for the village.
It shows a blue background, just as in the old weapon from the Lauta family with a green terp. The green colour in the weapon stands for the meadows. There are two grains in the weapon which represent the agricultural background of this village. Finally, the lion head; keeps the memory of the ancient family Lauta alive.
The village flag has the same colours: green, yellow and blue in horizontal lines with the lion head of Lauta.

Simy Sevenster


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Would you like to have a flag of Wier? Please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. mentioning "Wierstervlag". The price of a flag is €35,00. There are also stickers, which carry the weapon of Wier, available for €1,00. Nice to have on the back of year car!








wapen Wier.png


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